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Special Delivery DJ Service based in Dubois County, Indiana has been providing entertainment for weddings, corporate events, proms, parties, and reunions for over 12 years.  Andy Stetter, Special Delivery’s owner and DJ started the business while attending Northeast Dubois High School in 1997.  Formerly known as the “Hill Rockers”, now transformed to Special Delivery, Andy played high school and college parties at Hill Haven Inc., a family business owned by his parents, Bill and Marcia.  After gaining experience and expanding musical knowledge for the high school and college niche, Andy and his younger brother, Adam, decided to expand the business to a larger market to offer a wider range of services to clients in 2003.  Andy & Adam have been DJ’s since they were teenagers and both have an extensive knowledge of the older, recent, and current trends in music.  They have a commanding knowledge of technology and music catalogs that date all the way to the 1960s.  With such a broad collection, we can come up with music to fit any event, and assist in making guests feel comfortable with the atmosphere. 


Special Delivery is committed to providing a professional, yet fun event with the client needs in mind.  As your personal master of ceremonies, we will work to coordinate all parts of your event. You will have the ability to customize these or any other special events so they match your individual style. We encourage you to put your own unique spin on the event to ensure it’s exactly what you want. 


Why would you choose Special Delivery DJ Service?

1) We can offer packages that can fit any budget.  Contact us and we will work with you to establish a package that fits a flat hourly rate.  Setup and teardown times are included in the rate so that all you pay for is the time we actually play music.


2) We request to sit down well in advance of your event to discuss every aspect with you, as the customer.  From entrance order, first dances, music that you want to hear vs. music you do not want to hear, everything is tailored to your preference.  The music should be a reflection of the event host, not the preference of the DJ.  This is often why we accept musical requests from the audience and the customer.


3) We are professional at every event we play.  Rest assured, attire is always formal, and at minimum business casual for any event.  We do not play music with profanity unless requested by the customer directly, and we interact with the crowd in a way that ensures they’re comfortable.


4) We treat exceptional customer service as the key to a successful event.  We pride ourselves in being easy going and hope you enjoy your experience working with us.  If extra time is requested to keep the event going, we can provide it without hassle or frustration and will work with you on any concerns.  Our goal is to make your event as memorable for you as possible.


5) We have all of the latest music that you hear on the radio and then some you may have never even heard of.  Our digital library contains over 30,000 tracks and is updated daily with new singles and albums as they are released. 

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